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Brokerage Services Under Various Agency Relationships

Effective July 1, 1995, the North Carolina Real Estate Commission required Agency Disclosure (whom the real estate agent represents) to all parties in a transaction.

Buyer/Tenant Agency

(Involves an agency agreement between the Buyer/Tenant and the broker prior to a Purchase Agreement. See EXCLUSIVE REPRESENTATION AGREEMENT below).

Seller/Landlord Agency

(Requires a Listing Agreement)

Dual Agency

Because OFFICE PROPERTIES specializes in knowing the entire Office market, it is our nature to offer every property that might fit your needs, when helping you locate the right office space. Because many properties potentially are to be viewed, a relationship generally forms between us an you. Because of this relationship, we believe that Buyer/Tenant Agency is best for you, because it becomes natural to expect us to look out for your interests.

The Exclusive Representation Agreement permits OFFICE PROPERTIES to offer Buyer/Tenant Agency and all the benefits described above. Under this agreement, you will receive the best service in terms of our truly working hard on your behalf to see out the best properties. This is because we know these exhaustive efforts are met with your loyalty under the agreement. You should feel free to call about any property for which you want information under this agreement. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, the agreement permits you to cancel it within five days written notice.

Regardless of the type of agency, OFFICE PROPERTIES looks to the Seller/Landlord for commissions

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